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Japanese language instructor

Yoko Maruyama

Yoko holds a BA from Tokyo Women’s Christian University where she majored in Japanese Literature and minored in Education.

In Tokyo, she taught Japanese at Amica Language School for expatriates as the chief instructor. Yoko later became a freelance teacher, continuing her work with foreign nationals who were working in Japan.

After coming to Vancouver, BC in 1996, she taught Japanese at UBC continuing Studies, CO-OP Japan at UBC, Douglas College, the YWCA, the West End Community Centre, the Mount Pleasant Community Centre, the Kerrisdale Community Centre, and has 20 years of experience as the primary Japanese instructor at Langara College Continuing Studies.

For the last 3 years, Yoko has assisted with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) held at Langara College both as an invigilator and invigilator recruiter. She was the main contact for the Japan Foundation Toronto during the exams.

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Course Schedule

Summer 2023 Course Schedule

All classes are designed for adults, age 18 and up and are offered EITHER as in-person attendance OR online attendance (Except Level 1 Evenings at Kerrisdale Community Centre). The number of in-person attendees will be limited to four for each class. The number of online attendees will be limited to eight.

In-person classes will be held at my home, which is located in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver.

LevelNumber of DaysDate & TimeCost
18 Tuesday Mornings (In-person, Full. Register Online.)Jul 4-Aug 22 10am-12:30pm$220 + GST
18 Tuesday Evenings at Kerrisdale Community Centre – In-Person only. Maximum 18. Registration will be available Saturday June 10 at 9:00 a.m.*Jul 4-Aug 22 6:15–8:45pm$234.28 (Adults)
$179.28 (Seniors 65+)
28 Wednesday Evenings (In-person, Full. Register Online.)Jul 5-Aug 23 6:30-9pm$220 + GST
38 Thursday Evenings (In-Person, 2 spots left as of May 27)Jul 6-Aug 24 6:30-9pm$220 + GST
3.58 Friday Evenings (In-person, 1 spots left as of May 24)Jul 7-Aug 25 6:30-9pm$220 + GST
48 Monday Evenings**Jul 3-Aug 28 6:30-9pm$220 + GST
5Back in September$220 + GST
6To be announced$230 + GST

*Level 1 Evenings at Kerrisdale Community Centre – Registration will be available soon.

**Level 4 – No class on August 7 (Civic Holiday)

Other Courses (currently all private/semi private spots are taken. Pls join group classes)Cost
JLPT Prep Course – Private – N5 – N3$70/hour + GST ($73.50)
JLPT Prep Course – Private – N2 & N1$110/hour + GST ($115.50)
Private Lessons – Introductory – Level 1 – 3 Equivalent$65/hour + GST ($68.25)
Private Lessons – Intermediate/Advanced Level 4 Equivalent & Up$80/hour + GST ($84.00)
Private Lessons – Business Japanese$150/hour + GST ($157.50)

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What My Students Say

“Yoko sensei is very well organized and prepared. She makes the learning material very interesting to learn. I really enjoy when she incorporates Japanese cultural knowledge into the class. Yoko sensei has high standards. She expects her students to progress at a steady pace.”

Level 1 Student, Cuthbert H. (Financial Adviser)

“I really enjoyed Yoko’s classes. She is very thorough in the development of curriculum materials, and her instructional methods present the lessons in a very clear and interesting manner. Yoko enjoys teaching and getting to know her students. Similarly, her students find the learning experience to be personalized, relevant, and enjoyable. Consequently, they are motivated to be dedicated learners. I would highly recommend her classes to others.”

Level 2 Student, Grant D. (Retired Highschool Teacher)

“Yoko’s courses are always very stimulating with lots of opportunity for active learning. The homework is useful and the handouts are great.”

Level 3 Student, Su (Diana) Xiao (Legal Assistant)

“Yoko is a wonderful teacher! She is knowledgeable in many areas, and always makes it a pleasure to come to class. The examples used when teaching are very practical, as it is related to daily activities. Highly recommend!”

Level 4 Student, Steven Choi (Electronics Engineer)

“Yoko sensei is simply the best! She is very organized, inspiring & encouraging. I was able to learn a lot of things I wasn’t careful about. I’ll sign up again!”

Level 5 Student, Kolton Smith (Construction Worker)

“Yoko is the most kind and informative Japanese teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve taken Japanese from Level 1 to 6 with her, and I want to continue. Enough said.

Level 6 Student, Keith (Manager, Provincial Government, Retired)

“Never liked a teacher more. I’ve taken other courses and this was much better than any other. Yoko has put together the best Japanese textbook I’ve ever seen. Her textbooks are a goldmine. She also has a wicked sense of humour and that makes her classes really enjoyable.

Private Student, Dennis Chen (Project Manager)
Anne-Marie Dussault (Program Coordinator at Langara College)


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